Home Game Heroesシリーズまとめ

Home Game Heroes: Strategy for Seven-Card Stud Hi-Low Declare(2015/10)

Home Game Heroes: Strategic Differences Between “Declare” and “Cards Speak” Games(2015/9)

Boston Stud - A Stud Variant with Community Cards(2015/9)

Strategy for Flop Games with Different Board Arrays(2015/8)

Different Board Arrays in Flop Games(2015/8)

Strategy When Playing With Extra Hole Cards in Flop Games(2015/7)

Variations in Hi-Low Flop Games (Part 2 of 2)(2015/7)

Variations in Hi-Low Flop Games (Part 1 of 2)(2015/7)

The Strategy of “Dealer’s Choice” Games(2015/7)

Deciding on a Good Betting Structure(2015/7)

Getting Invited Back to the Game(2015/6)

Five Ingredients for Organizing and Hosting a Poker Game(2015/6)

Eight Tips for Finding a Game(2015/6)

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